Did You Remember to Celebrate National Poetry Day?


K. Zinger

Your friendly neighborhood Media Center Specialists have lots of good suggestions for you!

M. Grabowski and K. Zinger

In case you missed it, National Poetry Day was Thursday, 10/3.  It founded in 1994 by poet, William Sieghart and has been celebrated since 1999. It has inspired millions of people to not only read poems, but to spread their own through oral tradition. 

Each year, Poetry Day has a different theme for the poems everybody writes and this year’s theme was, “Truth.”  According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, poetry day’s purpose is to, “give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements.” Poetry Day actually varies from country to country as in The United Kingdom, and Australia they celebrate it  on the last Friday of the month to celebrate their work accomplishments. But, the main point of Poetry Day is to celebrate poems–so to do our part, we got an interview with none other than our amazing Media Center Specialists! We asked them questions and they sure did have answers:


GE: Did you know it was national poetry day yesterday?

Mrs. Reeves: “I didn’t know, but Mrs. Powell knew but we missed it.”

Mrs.Powell: “We missed that!”


GE: Are you planning on celebrating in the future?

R: “Yes! Totally.”

P: “Most definitely”


GE: What are some poetry selections you recommend for our students?

  • “Still I Rise” 
  • “Phenomenal Women”
  • “The Road Not Taken”
  • “Brown Girl Dreaming”
  • “Tupac”
  • “Inside Out And Back Again”
  • And more! Go ask your favorite Media Center specialists!


GE: Can I have a quote from you?

Mrs. Reeves: “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend its a plan!”

Mrs. Powell: ”When in doubt, go to the library!”


Make sure to share your favorite poetry lines using: #nationalpoetryday