Gator of the Week: Sushrit Pasumarthy


S. Vargas

This Week’s Gator, Sushrit!

S. Vargas, Asst. Student Life Section Editor, Staff Writer, Tech Support Team

Say hello to this week’s gator of the week, Sushrit Pasumarthy! He was born in Columbus, Ohio and he loves science experiments, programming, playing the piano, playing badminton, and biking. He has a 12-year-old sister he loves. One of his favorite foods is pasta alredo. Andrew Wang, who recommended Sushrit as a Gator of the Week, says that Sushrit is “very intelligent and very strong,” an that “he is very capable.” Andrew really shows how much he cares for Sushrit because they are friends. Mrs. Alonso, Sushrit’s Spanish teacher, says that Sushrit “tries so hard, he is very responsible, and I think he is a good candidate for Gator of the Week.” Congratulations Sushrit!