Should We Have Had School Off Today?

S. Rameshbabu and P. Kale

There is no school for students tomorrow. Some people are happy that there is no school on Friday and some are disappointed that there is school on Thursday, which is Halloween. (Of course, students have the luxury of complaining about which day they get off–teachers and staff have to come to school both days.) But coming to school on Thursday is affecting many people’s Halloween and trick or treating schedule. The main problem is that people have parties and get togethers after school and they’d love to be able to get started earlier.

To see what students and staff think about this topic, we interviewed Assistant Principal McKoy, Micheal MacMullen, and Daniel Dietrich. Both MacMullen and Dietrich had similar ideas. They said that having school Thursday is interfering with the Halloween schedule. Their ideal solution is to take both days off, which would allow for plenty of Halloween time and a day off on Friday. Ms. McKoy has the toughest schedule. She does not have a teacher workday and has to come to school on Monday and Thursday. At least students can be happy about having off one day.

I think that having school on Thursday was the best option because we still have some fun during Halloween and enjoy the next day off!