Unity Day!

M. Grabowski, Editor in Chief

Green Level’s Vision Statement says that“we are dedicated to cultivating an equitable, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment that promotes self-discovery and fosters the realization of every student’s potential.” This past Wednesday we held to this quote by celebrating Unity Day.

Students gathered around the lunch table on 10/24 to put their fingerprint on our unity banner to symbolize that at Green Level we all stand together regardless of our differences. In that week’s Advisory session, students and teachers also discussed how people with disabilities need to be treated with respect, and we reviewed how in this school they aren’t separated, they are included. 

I asked Freshman Aleena Dard what she thought about unity, and she said that “It’s important because especially in this day and age we need to be together and act inclusive to solve world problems.” Every other Green Level Student I interviewed had the same positivity about Unity Day and how it fit with our school’s vision. “Unity is good because people of all different types get together and they weren’t able to do that a long time ago,” says Freshman Finley Cook.

So let’s continue to be inclusive at Green Level and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. As Nick Luff says,“Unity period.”