Opening the Curtiain on Our First Musical!

D. Khan, Asst. Arts Section Editor

As Fall sports are ending, other events are taking their place. One of these will be our first ever school play! But what is this musical going to be? I talked with Mr. Olson, the chorus and theater teacher, for more information.

This year, the musical is going to be Little Shop of Horrors. The plot in a nutshell? “Man-eating plant attempts to take over the universe,” according to Mr. Olson. In a little more detail, the musical is about a man named Seymour and his newly purchased plant, Audrey Two. Audrey Two is a carnivorous plant that can make Seymour’s greatest desires come true… for the price of human blood. You can read more about the story here.

Mr. Olson hopes that the play is a big success. “I hope for everyone involved just to have a good experience,” he said, “it’s a really fun show! So I hope everyone enjoys it.” Since Green Level has a brand new theater department, it will be the start of many musicals in the future. Mr. Olson can’t wait to cast and begin work- he’s very excited to see the roles come to life.

Auditions are on November 20, but if you’re interested, be sure to attend the audition information meeting after school on the 18th. Be sure to see Mr. Olsom at room, 1218 for additional details. He hopes to see everyone interested. As he eagerly told me, “You don’t need to have any theater experience to audition! You don’t need to be an amazing singer or dancer to have a role!” 

Once again, if interested in being a cast or crew member for Little Shop of Horrors, be sure to stop by Mr. Olson’s room in the next week. He’ll give you more information. Also, join him after class on the 18th. We can’t wait to see our schools thespians in action!