How We Can Help Our Environment


M. Grabowski

Students show us the importance of recycling at Green Level.

M. Grabowski, Editor-In-Chief

There are so many environmental problems in our world, and sometimes students feel like they want to help but simply don’t know how. In this article, I will discuss how you can help the Earth even by doing small things.

The Environmental Club is a great opportunity for students who want to help our world. Secretary Carly Barello advises Green Level Students to “Start their own personal habitats and their own lifestyle…Like recycling, trying your best to. I see a lot of plastic water bottles in the trash, and even doing little things like that.” 

If you are looking for a way to help the environment, joining this club just might be the way to go. As Barello states, “We are going to start recycling in January.” This club doesn’t just help the environment it would help you too! Joining this would be great to earn hours for other clubs, as Barello points out that “You could do like in club hours for Key Club, to help recycle and help the school but also for hours for other clubs.”

Even if you don’t want to join Environmental Club you can still help by changing your routine. Carpooling with friends to the Green Level Football Games or using a reusable water bottle rather than the plastic disposable ones are simple ways to help according to Fast Web. So, do little things and be the change in our world that we all wish to see!