Gator Teams Express Their Bond


Image created by M. Brinton

Gameday Traditions!

M. Brinton, Staff Writer

Your favorite sports team has a game day tradition, right? Well so do some of our own Gator sports, ranging from super serious to super silly. I interviewed some of our own athletes and asked the question, “what do you and your team do as a game day tradition?” We had many responses of pasta parties, but some answers really stuck out. Gameday traditions help build team bonding and unconditional support, something we hope to see within these teams at Green Level.

Manvi Sharma, a Green Level Cross Country runner, explains, “we basically huddle up in a group, and say a bunch of important things about each other, and how we’ve all been doing great, and all become closer and bonded over a period a time. It helps us lift our spirits and helps us bond better. We are always there for each other, and even when were in separate places while running we are like, ‘you got it, keep going!’ and it’s really empowering.” Ryan Holdstock, another Cross Country runner, says “the night before we have a pasta party, and we do warmups.”

I then interviewed Maddy Linares and Ava Heaton. These girls competed in the Tri-8 competition, and Ava Heaton qualified for state championships. She said “We go to Chick Fil A” and Linares followed up with “we normally take a video every match of us on the bus” they both agreed that having a small team creating bonding, and practice over the summer helped bring them together. Something very similar to what Kamryn Phillips shared with us about the cheer team.

On the other hand, some members of the bigger teams agreed that it was hard to create team bonding. Tyler Cohen, a football player, shared with us, “we go into the locker room and listen to music, we go to the church and eat sandwiches. We also take naps a lot. Waking up early helped create a bond, but having a big team made it difficult to get to know all the kids, but now I have more friends.” Some sports such as soccer, cheer, and dance all have similar traditions. Jeslin Bertucci states it as “we go around and say things were grateful for. There’s only twelve of us, meaning it’s pretty easy to get along with all of the girls.”

Although the gymnastics team consists of two girls, their bond is still strong. Helen Molina says “we wear our jerseys on the day before, and having a small team with one other made it really easy to bond, and got to know each other a lot better. We also have classes together which is good.” Dressing up is also a common theme with the volleyball and soccer teams, as Ellie Sampson and Kyle Covington shared with us. Caden Covington also added onto soccer traditions with, “we have pregame meals, and hang out. Having a small team definitely made it easy to bond together throughout the season!”

Alice Kim, a tennis player, says “ we huddle up in a circle and say ‘Gators!’ to show our support, and even when it’s a win or a loss, it shows were just happy to be here!”

All these things show that our Gators bond together through sports and being together as a team, and how they continue these friendships throughout the season, and even after it ends. Come out and show your support for your players for all the games, and maybe even join a team!