Fashion Club: How is it Special?


K. Zinger

Fashion Club members at a meeting.

K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

Fashion Club is run by Mr. Mapp, our Art teacher. This club, which runs on D Connectivity Day, shows students how to sew and the right way to make clothing. Though this club has no president, Maren Molinaro is among the founders, and she tells us that club members have hopes of expanding this club to other days. 

Molinaro told us that “Fashion Club is a group of students who want to explore fashion but also create fashion, so there is a small group of people who are making outfits for the Gator Gala through Fashion Club.” When we asked how the club plans on presenting the Gala fashion to other students, she responded with: “The only dance we are having, the Gator Gala … a gathering of students where there is food, pictures and dancing. Plus a red carpet!”

In conclusion, the Fashion Club members think their club is special because you get to make whatever your heart desires. They see Fashion Club as a place to feel creative and loved through the beautiful art of fashion and they’re hoping to see you next Connectivity D Day.