Art Around The World: Artists We Lost

D. Khan

Hello, Gators, and welcome back from the break! Now we’re all turning back to routine and school, and that means it’s time for another guide to art around the world! This week, we’re tackling a more somber topic by sharing the lives and works of artists that have recently left us.  

May Stevens was an activist artist. Born in 1924 and graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1946, Stevens consistently made artwork about the world around her. She painted about the bus boycotts and civil rights movements, her opposition to the Vietnam War, and feminism and women’s struggles. Her artwork was unique, influential, and left a strong impact on generations. May Stevens passed away on December 9, at the age of 95. You can read more about her rich life and beautiful creations here and here.

Syd Mead died of lymphoma on December 30th. He was 86. Although you may not recognize his name, Mead’s work is incredibly famed. What started as cars for Ford turned into a love of movies and work on hits such as Star Trek, Blade Runner, and Tron. Without Syd Mead, the sets and experience from these movies would not be nearly as loved. His work will live on. You can read more about Mead’s movies here and here.

Finally, John Baldessari passed at 88 on January 2nd. He was a conceptual artist that had won many awards in his long lifetime, including the National Medal of Arts from President Obama. Baldessari was known for his balance of deep meanings and humorous attitudes! He was a naturally funny person and an incredible thinker who’s made so many unusual pieces with text, photography, and paint. He will be remembered for many more generations. Read more about Baldessari’s life here!

That’s all for this week, Gators! Consider it a reminder to look for the artwork around you while you can, and to live your life to the fullest this new year!