Is It Really That Important to be Able to Drive?


Graphic made by M. Grabowski

Milla Grabowski and Trisha Rangaraju discuss why high school students should get a licence.

M. Grabowski and T. Rangaraju

Many of us have dreamed about driving and receiving a brand new car from when we were kids: Going on long road trips to the beach or mountains with friends; going out whenever you want; getting food any time you feel like it; not counting on your parents so much to take you everywhere you want to go. These are just a couple of reasons why driving is so important to teens. Numerous sophomores and even freshmen have taken the Driver’s Ed course we have to offer here at Green Level. But even with all of these benefits, is working towards a driver’s license (limited learner), really important for us?

Drivers Ed can be a long and sometimes dull process for students. Staying after school for written tests, driving behind the wheel for several three-hour sessions, and taking the DMV test all to get this license while trying to balance all these hours of hard work with school and extracurriculars. This can be stressful for a teen, so how important are licenses to us as students?

We know that starting with a limited learner license is crucial and frankly it is worth it! Whether you’re lucky enough to get a brand new car when you turn 16 or if you have to keep saving up for your dream car, having a permit in hand is more valuable than you know. 

Driving gives teens a newfound sense of freedom. They help students become more self-reliant. Along with the gained independence, comes more responsibilities and opportunities to prove yourself. Instead of your parents driving you from one place to another, driving yourself allows you to be less dependent on them. When asked about why it’s so important to have a driver’s license, Nia Spells, a sophomore at Green Level, replied saying “driving is very important because it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want to.”

Teens who have obtained driver’s licenses even have better job opportunities. Teens hunting for part-time employment are in huge luck if they have a car. A worker with a driver’s license to show establishments, especially food-based businesses, means they are a flexible worker and can perform dual roles (such as being a business driver when necessary). 

We talked to some more Green Level students on this topic and realized that the main desire for driving is that independence as we referenced earlier. Freshman, Aishwarya Apte tells us she wants to drive, “So that I’m not depending on my parents to take me places.”

Even though it’s a big commitment to get a driver’s license and it takes a lot of hard work, it’s worth it in the long run. Or long drive.