Art Around the World: Graphic Design

K. Zinger, Arts Section Editor

Hello Gators! Welcome back to another edition of Art Around The World. Today we will be exploring Graphic Design from around the world. We will be going to Japan, Russia, and let’s not forget America. Each destination has many different aspects within arts that make the image special. 

Japan. We all know that Japan is known for being clean, calm, and collective, but their graphic design is true to stun you. The Bright colors used in the pictures bring attention to itself. They also mix languages such as English with a mix of Japanese. We can assume they mix it with English because it’s the most popular language. Japanese graphic design uses illusions, and eye catching imagery with complementary colors to truly be an amazing piece of art. According to Canva: “If anything, we can take a lesson from Japanese graphic design: Don’t be afraid to experiment”.

Russian graphic design has a special name: “Constructivisms.” This was a huge movement in Russian art history, when graphic design was first created. “It was considered more a philosophy, then a style”. Says CreativePro. The tools and techniques were very traditional, while figurative paintings being replaced by digital designed, this echoed a movement of arts.

American graphic design is found everywhere, look around you and you will find at least one peice of digital art. American artists focus on real world objects while using popping colors to catch the eyes of pedestrians, workers, families, and many more every day people. 

In conclusion, graphic design is all around us, go explore different parts of the world! You never know which popping colors will catch your eyes.