Join a Club at Green Level


Graphic Made by M. Grabowski

M. Grabowski writes about why you should pick a club to join during connectivity Thursday.

M. Grabowski, Editor-in-Chief

Our diverse selection of clubs for Thursday’s connectivity time is something that makes Green Level truly shine. Clubs aren’t the only option though, considering students can do things such as sporting activities instead. While being active is very valuable, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why even if you like to ball, you should still join at least one club. 

According to, The Foundation for, “Clubs are so vital because they are the ultimate in experiential learning for young people, giving them the leadership and power to make their own decisions and watch how those decisions effect their life and the lives of others!” Clubs are not only a great idea to be a part of for colleges, but they are also truly fun and enjoyable.

It’s not like all our clubs require really hard work outside of your classes if that’s not what you’re looking for. We have loads of different clubs that will spark your interest in one way or another and many focus on fun and learning aspects rather than competition. I urge you to choose a club next advisory period if you aren’t a member of one, you’ll meet new people and get to see the amazing offerings we have here.