The NFL Draft

S. Geist, Sports Section Editor

The NFL season is not starting until August, but the NFL draft has just passed. 

The NFL draft is an annual event where all the NFL teams recruit their players from college. The round is complete when each team has selected a player in the draft when they trade their pick. There are 255 total picks in the NFL draft. There are 32 total teams in the NFL which means there are 32 picks in each round of the draft and there are 7 total rounds in the draft. All teams have the chance to trade their pick for a higher pick if they are really interested in a player. Teams have the chance to pick their future franchise player. 

Some of you may ask, how are the picks in order and why does a team get the number 1 overall pick and not another? The picks are in order from the worst team in the NFL from the past year to the Super Bowl champs(1-32). The NFL draft takes place in different football cities as this one was the first virtual draft in NFL history. Last year’s draft was in Nashville, Tennessee, the home of the Tennessee Titans. Teams hope they’ve picked their future as we look forward to next season of the NFL.