Week 1: Gator of The Week

A. Guo, Editor In Chief


Our first Gator of the Week this year is Freshman, Shakira Qian! Shakira was nominated by Mrs. Strickland, our Head Athletic Trainer, as well as Sports Medicine and Healthful Living teacher!

One thing Shakira said about class class is, “I try to have my camera on during classes as much as I can and try to participate when I can as well.” Mrs. Strickland adds on to this with her nomination, “She is a wonderful student and always is the first to participate in class on a daily basis. She is kind and thoughtful, and always asks how I’m doing! She helps her classmates when they need clarification and is always eager to learn!” 

Shakira is having a great first year as a Green Level Gator but adds, “It would be nice if Covid wasn’t around so we could be on campus and making the best out of ninth grade, and the following years of high school to come. But of course, some things are just out of our control, and we just need to make the best out of it.” 

When school starts again Qian says she would want to attend clubs and join the school swim team. When Qian is not working hard and helping her peers in class, she enjoys the outdoors and creative writing.

The Gator’s Eye staff congratulates Shakira Qian on her well-deserved title of Gator of the Week!