NFL Power Rankings: Week 5



How Does Your Favorite Team Stack Up?

K. Sarika, Staff Writer

  1. Seattle Seahawks (5-0): Seattle is looking like the best team this season with a fast 5-0 start being one of the only teams that are undefeated. Quarterback Russell Wilson is having a MVP season throwing for 1,502 yards and 19 touchdowns already. They have solid receivers able to catch and gain yards as well. They can keep this up if they also improve their weak defense and run game. 
  2. Green Bay Packers (4-0): The Packers are dominating the NFC with one of the best records at 4-0. Aaron Rodgers is having his usual season throwing for 1,214 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. The running back Aaron Jones also is having a fantastic season with 374 yards rushing, for 4th in the league. They have had many injuries which may be hurtful when playing better teams.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1): The defending champs are still doing well, but many injuries have been a key factor for the Chiefs after losing a game last sunday. Patrick Mahomes is having a decent season throwing for 1,474 yards, 13 touchdowns, and only 1 interception. They can improve defensively so they don’t rely on Mahomes for points.
  4. Baltimore Ravens (4-1): The Ravens are doing the same thing, winning many games like last year with a 4-1 record leading the AFC North only behind the Steelers. They’re defense has been doing well with the addition of star Calais Campbell. Lamar Jackson is still doing well, but really has to improve his passing game and get his receivers more involved.
  5. Tennessee Titans (4-0): The Titans may have been out with COVID-19, but that didn’t look like it affected them one bit as they found themselves 4-0 after crushing the Bills 42-16. Ryan Tannehill has been leading the offense, and running back Derrick Henry is starting to terrorize defenses.
  6. Cleveland Browns (4-1): Cleveland has been off to a surprising 4-1 start tied with many teams in the AFC. Odell Beckham Jr. is having a bounce back season after a terrible one last year. He is starting to put up solid numbers again aside Jarvis Landry. Myles Garret is back from suspension helping defense dominate. They aren’t the old 0-16 team anymore. They are building a real contending team this year.
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0): The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a competitive position as both the Ravens and Browns are performing well. Their defense having many pro bowlers is able to put stops to many fiery offenses. They still need better passing and better receivers. Ben Rolthesberger looks like he may have a bounce back season after being injured all of last season.
  8. Los Angeles Rams (4-1): The Rams look like themselves after a rough season last year. They are good defensively and offensively. Superstars Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey are really getting pressure on defense and setting up the offense which may be a reason why they are doing well. They still have to improve at their kicking position as they don’t have Greg Zuerlein and only a rookie kicker now.
  9. Buffalo Bills (4-1): The Bills were doing good, but after Tuesday’s blowout by the Titans, they don’t look as strong as we assumed. Josh Allen is having an MVP caliber season partly because of Stefon Diggs, but it was concerning he couldn’t put on a show. They can still bounce back, but could be different against real contending teams.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2): The addition of Tom Brady has really helped the bucs get off to a decent start. There is a long way to go, but they may need to improve their offense before it is too late. Another factor may be that they are filled with injuries as well, and Tom Brady doesn’t have the right receivers or running backs.
  11. New Orleans Saints (3-2): The Saints are not off to the start they were expected to be but are doing fine. They could be doing much better if star Michael Thomas wasn’t injured. Drew Brees’ age is really starting to kick in as he isn’t in the greatest position to do well. They still have much to fix in their passing offense as it has declined in the 2020 season.
  12. Arizona Cardinals (3-2): Cardinals have achieved a winning record through week 6, much more than we thought. Deandre Hopkins is leading the league in receiving yards, and he has taken much pressure off sophomore quarterback Kyler Murray. The Cardinals are really improving, but have to put more defensive pressure on other quarterbacks to ease up their offense.
  13. New England Patriots (2-2): The Pats are back in action next Sunday due to a bye, but they look like a contender even without Tom Brady. Cam Newton looks better than ever, and with one of the best defenses they could get the job done in the near future.
  14. Las Vegas Raiders (3-2): Las Vegas is really looking tough to beat, they just upset the Chiefs climbing to 3-2. Henry Ruggs and receivers are looking good, and the defense is looking in good shape. This may be a future contending team if quarterback Derek Carr is able to supply the offense.
  15. Indianapolis Colts (3-2): Philip Rivers has really lifted the Colts from last year’s hole, and is able to help them to a winning record. Darius Leonard is on the verge of having a breakout season and helping the defense in many ways. They could really use a good running back as they are just not able to get yards on the ground.
  16. Chicago Bears (4-1): The Bears have had pretty rough wins, as they have had to come back in all of them. Nick Foles has been leading the team now, and that has really translated well. They have Allen Robinson who has been able to provide them with lots of receiving yards. They may need to improve their pass rush and put more pressure, for easier wins.
  17. Carolina Panthers (3-2): The Panthers are turning their rough start around slowly, but they haven’t been able to play to full firepower due to many injuries like Christian McCafferey. The defense has lost a lot of key components and may need more solid players in order to stay like this against better teams.
  18. San Francisco 49ers (2-3): The 49ers aren’t looking good this season as they are at the bottom of their division. They have been upset already by multiple teams that are way worse. There are a lot of injuries as well like DE Nick Bosa, and much of the offensive line. They still have time, but they have to find something in order to turn it around.
  19. Dallas Cowboys (2-3): They have been one of the worst teams all season and they have not been performing up to the level we were expecting. Dak Prescott may be out for the entire season, putting their playoff chances at risk. Their defense isn’t able to put pressure, but it could work out if the offense works some magic. 
  20. Los Angeles Chargers (1-4): The Chargers may not be amazing this season, but the future for this team looks really bright, they almost beat the Saints coming up short falling to 1-4. Rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is really looking like a good fit for this team. They do need to improve a lot on their receiving and help Herbert out more and have a better chance.
  21. Minnesota Vikings (1-4): Minnesota doesn’t have much firepower this season, but almost beating two playoff contenders is pretty impressive. Quarterback Kirk Cousins is still able to find his favorite target Adam Theilen who is having a pretty good season for a losing team. They are really close to winning, but are blowing leads in the clutch. If their defense is able to pressure other offenses they can make it to the playoffs again.
  22. Miami Dolphins (2-3): The Dolphins are off to a much better start than last season with more upsets, but some improvement may be needed. First they should try to give young rookie Tua Tagovailoa some throwing opportunities, so they can drizzle some speed to their offense. It is also very helpful to them if they are able to make more plays on the ground. Lastly, if they are able to improve their scheme a bit more they can win more games. 
  23. Houston Texans (1-4): The Texans really need to pick up the slack on both sides, they haven’t been able to do what they did last year. This partly because of top wideout Deandre Hopkins being traded. Deshaun Watson needs to find a better receiver in Brandon Cooks, or Will Fuller. The defense hasn’t been able to provide either as linemen J.J. Watt has had to carry the load.
  24. Detroit Lions (1-3): The Lions are looking towards another rough season after dropping to 1-3. They really haven’t been able to provide on defense or offense. Matthew Stafford has been trying to do his best, but the defense needs to take some weight off him. Without good cornerbacks or linemen they are really struggling on putting pressure and getting picks.
  25. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3-1): Philly is experiencing one of their worst seasons yet under quarterback Carson Wentz. They are tied for one of the worst defenses, and just haven’t been able to provide as well after Nick Foles left. I think they may have to start rookie Jalen Hurts, if Carson Wentz keeps declining. They need to make key adjustments to their gameplan in order to sustain their opponents.
  26. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1): The Bengals are looking the same as last year because they just need more stars, and are in a rebuilding process. They really do need to improve on defense, and add more solid players that can provide every game. The future is bright for them and much more is needed.
  27. Washington Football (1-4): The first year team is off to a rough start to the season, as they still have the quarterback controversy, with Dwayne Haskins benched. Their offense has been slow all year except Terry McLaurin. Who is next in line for quarterback?
  28. Denver Broncos (1-3): The Broncos are still in a slow rebuilding phase, but with many starters out they are going to have to figure something out to win more. They are down to their 3rd quarterback already, and star receiver Courtland Sutton is also out.
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4): The Jags still look lost after some tough losses, the offense looks to be working out, but needs more experience. The defense is the main problem because without all pro Calais Campbell and Jalen Ramsey they really are getting rattled by other offenses. 
  30. Atlanta Falcons (0-5): It looks like it might be over for quarterback Matt Ryan as he hasn’t been able to get them even one win. Receiver Julio Jones is starting to decline, but Calvin Ridley is a young star on the verge of a breakout season. They really have been dealing with some key injuries on defense as well. They may have to wait until they get a younger and more electric quarterback.
  31. New York Giants (0-5): The Giants have been shaken after all pro Saquon Barkley went out with a season-ending injury. Daniel Jones is really not looking like a star, and none of the offensive line is able to protect him well enough. The defense looks shattered with no stars either.
  32. New York Jets (0-5): Quarterback Sam Darnold is really starting to look like a bust, after going 0-4 and being benched. Joe Flacco wasn’t able to provide either as they fell 0-5. The Jets are truly missing too many pieces to both sides for them to be a true contender.