GLMB Unites With Others for the First Annual Bands Of Cary


A member of the GL Color Guard performs with the band.

M. Miller, J. Lanzen, and L. Smith

On September 14 the Green Level Marching Band joined others to perform at the first annual Bands of Cary showcase on the Green Level football field. Panther Creek, Cary High School and Green Hope all came together to make it a night full of music and talent. After all of the bands’ long camp days and rehearsals, they ate dinner and met with the sections of other bands to discuss their shows and share relatable stories of practices and more, then they headed out onto the field to rehearse their long awaited performances. While waiting on the field, the various bands all hung out together. They hyped each other up, creating crowds and yelling chants, and even played some action-filled games. Someone in Color Guard started a conga line and soon enough, many bands were joining in for the fun. Eventually, however, the excitement died down and they had to get back to business.

The showcase started off with a performance of the National Anthem, which included the 480 students of all bands. Next, Panther Creek, Green Hope and Cary High all sat in the stands to watch the anticipated Green Level Marching Band performance. The show is called Into The Quiet and focuses on the life of Beethoven as he loses his hearing through his life. The show consists of three parts, each showing a different time in the composer’s life. The first part is more uplifting and happy and it gets darker as the show goes on. The show features many pieces from Beethoven that viewers may recognize. Of the three-part performance, the Green Level Band presented two full parts and half of the third part.

The other schools each showcased parts of their shows as well, displaying what they have learned. After Green Level Band, Cary High School took the viewers into the jungle for their show titled Wild Things. The band included props of savannah grass, 3 different themed flags and many amazing formations. Then, Green Hope proceeded to take viewers In the Shadow of the Clock Tower. They used scaffolding to show the shadow of the tower, complete with petastools that the Color Guard performed on. Finally, to close off the night, Panther Creek changed the mood by performing their show Evermore, telling the story of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem titled “The Raven.” Some of the band even played one handed while holding umbrellas that the Color Guard soon took to dance with.  

As the night concluded, the bands said goodbye to one another and began the drive back to their respective schools.  They will all be seeing one another in around two weeks for a competition, however. In the meantime, all are left with good memories.  As saxophonist Ben Perla recalled, “It was good to see elementary school friends again that I didn’t know switched to band.” If you want to see a part of GLMB’s show, Into the Quiet, join them at a home football game! They perform it during halftime and also do the National Anthem, the Green Level Fight song, and songs in the stands throughout the game.