Binge Worthy Action Webcomics



Action comics have always been popular, and these webtoons are perfect introductions.

Webcomics are comics published on online sites for anyone to publish and/or read. Although most people think these comics only revolve around Romance or Slice of Life, there are in fact many action-based comics. If you enjoy reading intense action-style comics or want to get into them, this list is for you!

  1. “Tower of God”: This comic mixes action, adventure, and fantasy all into one as a boy named Twenty-fifth Bam try to find his friend Rachel after she got lost in a tower they used to live under for many years, facing enemies and making friends all the way. Its popularity exploded so much that it was turned into many spinoffs.
  2. “Peerless Dad” (aka” Father, Unrivaled”): This martial-art dedicated comic follows a father trying to raise his kids when a cult starts kidnapping children in his town, which leads him to stand up and fight for his family.
  3. “The Boxer”: This comic revolves around the lives of many different professional boxers, and the main character Yu is noticed for his extreme talent in boxing, and how he climbs in the ranks of the boxing world.
  4.  “Teenage Mercenary”: This is an action series about a boy who had to become a mercenary in order to live, and his troubled life trying to fit into a regular high school.
  5. “The Breaker”: This story follows a boy who gets bullied by gangs at his school, and he decides to become stronger and train under his teacher, who won’t accept him as a disciple very easily.

There are many more comics I haven’t listed here which are enjoyable to read such as “The God of High School”, “Solo Leveling”, and “Noblesse”, to name a few. More may be added in the future, so stay tuned for updates!