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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Y. RosaStaff WriterSee Y. Rosa's profile
See Y. Rosa's profile
T. PerkinsStaff WriterSee T. Perkins's profile
See T. Perkins's profile
I. OoStaff WriterSee I. Oo's profile
See I. Oo's profile
R. ManojStaff WriterSee R. Manoj's profile
See R. Manoj's profile
P. HansenStaff WriterSee P. Hansen's profile
See P. Hansen's profile
M. BrintonStaff WriterSee M. Brinton's profile
See M. Brinton's profile
L. TomanStaff WriterSee L. Toman's profile
See L. Toman's profile
G. ChapmanStaff WriterSee G. Chapman's profile
See G. Chapman's profile
S. VargasAsst. Student Life Section EditorSee S. Vargas's profile
See S. Vargas's profile
S. TalekarStaff Writer, Special Topics Coordinator for ScienceSee S. Talekar's profile
See S. Talekar's profile
N. SpellsAsst. Sports Section EditorSee N. Spells's profile
See N. Spells's profile
S. RameshbabuStaff Writer, Tech Support TeamSee S. Rameshbabu's profile
See S. Rameshbabu's profile
M. MizelleNews Section EditorSee M. Mizelle's profile
See M. Mizelle's profile
S. MankuStaff Writer, AnnouncementsSee S. Manku's profile
See S. Manku's profile
D. KhanAsst. Arts Section EditorSee D. Khan's profile
See D. Khan's profile
P. KaleStaff Writer, Tech Support Team, AnnouncementsSee P. Kale's profile
See P. Kale's profile
T. DongaraAsst. News Section Editor, Staff WriterSee T. Dongara's profile
See T. Dongara's profile
A. RudolphStudent Life Section EditorSee A. Rudolph's profile
See A. Rudolph's profile
T. RangarajuManaging EditorSee T. Rangaraju's profile
See T. Rangaraju's profile
S. GeistSports Section EditorSee S. Geist's profile
See S. Geist's profile
R. MishraNews Section Co-Editor, Tech Support Team, AnnouncementsSee R. Mishra's profile
See R. Mishra's profile
M. GrabowskiEditor-in-ChiefSee M. Grabowski's profile
See M. Grabowski's profile
K. ZingerArts Section EditorSee K. Zinger's profile
See K. Zinger's profile
A. KollaNews Section Co-Editor, Tech Support TeamSee A. Kolla's profile
See A. Kolla's profile
A. GuoAsst. Editor-in-Chief, Tech Support TeamSee A. Guo's profile
See A. Guo's profile
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