North Carolina College Overview- What You Need To Know About Admissions


Juniors, It’s time to start thinking about colleges. College applications are approaching quick and many of the North Carolina Schools will be starting their early applications starting in august. If you’re unsure about where you might fit best, take a look at some of the admission stats below.

Duke University- 

How would you describe Duke University?-The first year at Duke is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time, with hundreds of clubs to join, intellectual debates to begin, and 1,700 new people to meet. But you won’t be doing it alone. You’ll have classmates, professors, and advisors who are committed to helping you navigate the transition, from the moment you step on campus to begin your Duke journey.”

7.7% acceptance rate

34-36 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 720-770, Math 750-800 overall average of 1510

Average grad rate 95%

4.6 Weighted GPA


UNC Chapel Hill-  

How would you describe UNC Chapel Hill?- “UNC is unique in that it has the cosmopolitan feel, diversity and high academic standards of a private university despite being a public school. Few state schools draw students and top professors from around the country, but UNC manages to while keeping tuition at a moderate level.”

42.2% in state

28-33 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 640-730, Math 640-760 overall 1370

4.45 Weighted GPA


NC State- 

How would you describe NC State University?- “NC State is a land-grant institution, which means we have a duty to open the doors of education for everyone. We’re a Research 1 university, recognized worldwide for our big ideas and bigger impact. And we’re a public university — one that believes in community, equity, sharing what we learn and serving the greater good.”

46% in state

27-32 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 610-690, Math 620-720 overall 1340

4.37 Weighted GPA


UNC Charlotte- 

How would you describe UNC Charlotte?- “As North Carolina’s urban research university, UNC Charlotte is a diverse and inclusive institution with local-to-global impact that transforms lives, communities and industries through access and affordability, exemplary undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, scholarship, creative work, innovation and service.”

86% early action in state

22-27 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 560-640, Math 550-640 overall 1195

3.5 average GPA


UNC Wilmington- 

How would you describe UNC Wilmington? –“We must champion our values, stand behind a unified vision for the university and implement an informed, effective strategic plan to guide this institution to impressive new heights in the years to come. We do this not for ourselves, but for the generations to follow, so that the sons and daughters of North Carolina and the world will always have the opportunity to pursue their dreams at UNC Wilmington.” 

70% in state

22-27 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 590-660, Math 570-650 overall 

4.15 Weighted GPA


ELON University-

How would you describe Elon University?-Elon University has built a national reputation as the premier student-centered environment for experiential learning, with an emphasis on strong personal relationships between students and their faculty and staff mentors. Elon students are ambitious, curious and compassionate, inspired to be big thinkers and creative problem-solvers.”

72% in state

25-30 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 580-660, Math 560-660 overall 1240

4.0 Weighted GPA



How would you describe East Carolina University? –“East Carolina University is a public research university in Greenville, North Carolina. It is the fourth largest university in North Carolina. Founded on March 8, 1907, as a teacher training school, East Carolina has grown from its original 43 acres to almost 1,600 acres”

88% in state

19-24 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 510-590, Math 510-580 overall 1100

3.8 Weighted GPA


APP State- 

How would you describe Appalachian State University?-“App State is known for its special combination of people and place, set in one of the country’s most beautiful locations — the perfect setting to strengthen your academic focus, discover your passions, enhance your leadership skills and take the next step in your life’s journey.”

80% in state

22-27 ACT

SAT- Reading and Writing 540-630, Math 530-610 overall 1180

Weighted 4.05 GPA

Campus Sneak Peek-

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