The Met is Back… Better Than Ever?

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C. Nestor, Staff Writer

This year Met was back… but was it really back better than ever? The Met was previously canceled due to COVID-19.  This year’s theme was Gilded Glamor. Gilded Glamor was most common from 1870 to 1890. Its purpose was to show off the glamorous fashion in the Gilded Age time period that helped overlook turmoil and social unrest while presenting social ranking through wealth and fashion. 

While some celebs hit the mark, such as Blake Lively’s representation of how time has changed from gilded glamor to current trends by showing the oxidation of the statue of liberty, on the other hand, some other celebs missed, such as Gigi Hadid. While glamorous, Hadid and many others were not quite on point with Anna Winters’s theme. In addition, there were many interesting fashion choices that strikes controversy such as Kim K wearing Marylin’s dress. Many amazing looks were shown, but for some reason the Met this year didn’t quite feel the same. Maybe it’s because of so many celebs missing the theme or the fact the previous years were done so well such as ¨Heavenly Bodies¨ and ¨Camp.”

Overall, the gowns lacked a lot of wow factor from fashion designers, unlike the years prior. But in terms of fundraising, the Met Gala was a success and raised over a reported 17.4 million dollars. We can’t wait to see the up-and-coming fashion next year.