Netflix: Password Sharing Discontinued



Netflix announces changes in their company policy.

R. Xavier, Staff Writer

Netflix has, for years, faced little resistance against the widespread use of using another person’s Netflix account. But now, the company is instituting policies that will change the game altogether. While Netflix users used to be able to enjoy the benefits of being able to share outside of their household with a friend, colleague, or family member, Netflix aims to monetize this sharing outside of the household best they can.

The company noted that out of the 220 million users of Netflix across the world, it is reported that over 100 households are being shared with Netflix for free. The company aims to clamp down on sharing or work to beset monetize it.

Netflix’s features, in order to share inside of one’s household such as profiles allowed for easy sharing outside to other households which in a way unintentionally encouraged sharing. This presents an enormous loss for Netflix as over 100 users who don’t count toward Netflix’s figures are enjoying the Netflix service for free.

Now, Netflix is aiming to charge extra for a ‘premium’ service for those who wish to share outside of their household, while also allowing them to do so safely and easily. In addition, a profile transfer feature will allow for extra users to transfer to their own paying accounts. Those using the standard edition of Netflix will have procedures in place to ensure that this feature isn’t allowed on their service