The “COVERS” Dance Concert


R. Pragada, Staff Writer

Green Level High School is having a dance concert! 

The coordinator of the concert, who is also our very own dance teacher, Mrs. Pope, has talked with us about what the dance concert is all about. 

The theme of the concert is “Covers”. It overviews music that has been popularized in the past that new artists have redone. The dancers have created new movements to associate new meanings to each of these songs. 

When asked how they have been preparing for the spring dance concert, Mrs. Pope said, “We have been learning choreography. I have choreographed since March and the kids have started learning it from about mid-March. They’ve been learning, practicing, and getting it all together.“

From the music perspective, last year’s dance concert theme was Rock and Roll but this year it is much more open because the theme is “Covers”. The soundtrack includes some Rock and Roll, indie music, K-pop, regular pop, and even some rap. The dancers are wearing fun costumes as well!

The dancers are excited to perform for you all so come out and support them! 

The event is taking place next Friday, May 13! It is happening right here at Green Level in the Auditorium at 7 PM. 

Student admission is $5 and general admission is $10.