Is Spray-On Sunscreen Really Worth It?



Is spray-on sunscreen worth it, or should you turn to lotion?

C. Nestor, Staff Writer

As summer is rolling around and the weather is becoming nicer, sunscreen is vital to having a fun time in the sun. People all have opinions on which is the best in terms of SPF, but which one is really the best: Aerosol or lotion?

People have their preferences and find that aerosol is not only easy to apply but effective too. The beloved spray-on sunscreen was created in the early 1900s after German scientist Johann Ritter discovered UV rays in 1801. The easily applied sunscreen allows for quick dry time and efficient heat protection when you have to reapply. The point of sunscreen is to protect us but what’s the point if as we are applying it we are counteracting our efforts by depleting the ozone layer. On top of environmental dangers, the air particles are at high risk of being inhaled. This can lead to lung irritation because of titanium dioxide particles in the formula, But the easy application is worth it, right?

While sunscreen in terms of lotion is great for facial application, applying it all over your body takes forever and is not very effective for covering your whole body.  When parents have little kids eager to jump in the pool, the longer wait time is not worth the fight. Both allow equivalent skin protection but it is proven the lotion allows a longer period of time in between reapplying due to the thicker consistency. Not only is it better for the environment it is also better for your health. So what is better to reapply every half hour or every two hours? 

The lotion has been proven to have a multitude of pros compared to the aerosol but nowadays everything is based on efficiency. So you decide. Is using spray-on sunscreen really worth it?