“…if we don’t fight for it no one else will”: Green Level Students Attend Abortion Rights Protest in Raleigh


J. Solaippan

The downtown Raleigh protest was organized in occurence with country-wide rallies.

On the afternoon of May 14th, a “Bans Off Our Bodies” protest in Downtown Raleigh occured alongside tens of other cities across the country. The rally was in response to the recent Supreme Court leak regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade

Students such as Janani Solaippan attended the event, stating their purpose of making their voice heard. Solaippan is a senior at Green Level and recalled her initial reaction being of shock and anger, “ Overturning roe won’t stop abortions it’ll stop access to SAFE abortions, women’s lives will be in danger because they aren’t permitted to access safe and sanitary clinics. It’s so angering knowing that old white MEN are trying to put restrictions on the women and those with uteruses.”

The protest lasted from 12-3 PM as the crowd of more than one thousand made their way to the State Capitol, passing other notable buildings such as the N.C. Supreme Court and a legislative building. Multiple speakers and activists spoke to the crowd at the end of the rally as well as counter-protestors.

Solaippan concludes, “My mom and I went so that we could show our support for Roe v. Wade and do our part in protecting our rights, because if we don’t fight for it no one else will.”