Don’t Hate on People Doing All They Can.


S. Andrews

Stand with Ukraine–even a profile picture makes a difference.

To the people saying that changing your social media profile picture to the Ukrainian flag does not help:

Over the past few months, many people have been changing their social media profile pictures to the Ukrainian flag, and it has come to my attention that it now seems to be a trend. I would like to say that something being a trend absolutely does not mean that it is ineffective. Of course, with every trend come the hate comments. Many are saying that people are doing it just for attention, just to be part of a trend, or saying that they’re not actually doing anything to help. I would simply like to say that this is wrong. As a student who has close relatives living in Ukraine at this exact moment, the amount of support, prayers, and love going around social media is amazing. Ukraine as a country was never really noticed up until just a few months ago. I’ve had people ask me, “What’s Ukraine?” It is so uncommon that someone will know where Ukraine is, what the capital is, what’s going on over there, etc. Now people are raising awareness for the country, and it is beautiful to see. My grandparents are currently living in Ukraine as well as other relatives of mine. They are all so glad that Ukraine is finally getting noticed, but sad that it is due to a bad situation.

Many people seem to think that activism on social media replaces different types of activism, it does not. It comes in addition to everything other people do, not instead. People can donate and change their profile pictures to spread awareness. The amount of support, donations, awareness, protests, news, and more all help! Everything helps. Social media opens up more new types of engagement. Making one’s point of view known to others is also a way of getting involved. For many, speaking their thoughts is the first step towards a greater commitment. To change a profile picture is also saying you support something. I think many people can appreciate such support these days. 

Never be afraid to be open about your thoughts and opinions. So please, donate. Change your profile picture to yellow and blue, spread awareness, and SUPPORT UKRAINE!