Superheros Need Weekends Too

Superheros Need Weekends Too

Have you ever felt so overworked and had so much to do that you can’t think straight? Do you believe you would feel that way if you loved what you do or had your dream job?

As a huge Marvel fan, one of my dream jobs is to work on a Marvel movie; however, I’m not so sure the Marvel animators would tell me that’s a great idea. Over the past year or so, the visual effects team has been getting overworked because of the movie demand. Since the team is so overworked, it is starting to show in their work. The visual effects aren’t the quality they were. Some examples of declining quality include Black Widow and She-Hulk.

The poor quality is making fans very angry and frustrated which is pressuring the team even more. It has even gotten to the point where people in the team don’t want to work for marvel and have broken down crying. A past Marvel VFX member explained, “Marvel genuinely works you hard. I’ve had co-workers sit next to me, break down, and start crying. I’ve had people having anxiety attacks on the phone.”

So many students at Green Level are high achieving and want to do an excellent job. Like the marvel animator, we need to be aware of work-life balance.

According to the Triggers or Signs of Work-Life Imbalance, “Extensive studies and research on Work Life Balance reveal that, more than financial pressures or family problems, work-life imbalance affects the health considerably and may trigger serious complications if left ignored.” The author then goes on to say some of the symptoms of work-life imbalance are exhaustion, absence, avoiding friends, and increased levels of stress.

You can overcome the stress. Some ways to overcome stress or at least keep it under check are practicing yoga, breathing techniques, and maintaining a routine for walking or exercising. Furthermore, burnout issues can be addressed by grabbing lots of sleep and taking breaks from the repetitive schedule. By having a hobby in life and experimenting with new hobbies periodically will also help in combating stress and burnout issues. And eat your broccoli like my mom just made me do.