Is The Earth Really Flat? Green Level Students Weigh In

This is the picture included with Harrison and Andrews email. We do not know its provenance.

This is the picture included with Harrison and Andrew’s email. We do not know its provenance.

H. Beck , A. Kelso, Green Level Students

Here at The Gator’s Eye, we’ve been wondering about this whole flat earth theory thing. We put out posters all through the school in hopes that someone could help us make sense of it. Recently, Arts Section Editor Kendall Zinger got an email discussing the question of the earth’s roundness.

This is what it said:


Salutations Ms. Zinger,

For years I’ve been tortured by the existence of round Earthers, their foolish beliefs surrounding me. But the time for change is now, thanks to you I have the opportunity to change the world for the better. Several years of my precious childhood have been devoted to proving the Earth’s flat profile, in these years I have performed and researched numerous experiments, some of which I will explain today. In 1838, Samuel Birley Rowbotham conducted an experiment that would prove the Earth is flat, the Bedford Level Experiment. In this experiment a flag is placed six miles from the viewers position and a boat rows towards the flag. Due to the apparent curve of the Earth the viewer should lose sight of the boat as it travels the ‘curve’ of the Earth, however, that is not the case. As Rowbotham observed, he never lost sight of the boat, even at six miles. Many others than Rowbotham have performed the experiment and found the same results, Tom Bishop also observed, “Whenever I have doubts about the shape of the earth I simply walk outside my home, down to the beach, and perform this simple test. Provided that there is no fog and the day is clear and calm, the same result comes up over and over throughout the year.” I would like to further prove this with the popularly accepted theory that the dinosaurs went extinct due to an asteroid striking earth. What most scientists have neglected to explain is how that caused their extinction but because our earth is indeed flat I know for a fact that the asteroid hit the earth and caused it to catapult the dinosaurs off of our earth as demonstrated by the picture linked in this email. I would also like to bring up the point that many objects made by man and God were created with flat bottoms which means only one thing. Note that the bottom of one’s shoe is flat and yet it still matches the ground under it, proving that the Earth is flat. Another piece of evidence for you. Google is known and regarded as one of the most successful companies in existence. They have a hidden feature that was created in september of 2014. When a web page is unable to load because of a lack of internet connection you can press the spacebar to start playing a game where a dinosaur ( Hinting to the extinction of the dinosaurs) runs right for an infinite amount of time depending on how skilled you are at the game. In this game the ground remains flat the entire time but if the earth was round then the dinosaur would loop around in a circle and you would see the same background scene repeating because he would be going around in a loop. But he doesn’t! He runs in a straight line. This means that the earth is flat. One final piece of evidence, space. While people have viewed the earth and claimed it was round that is extremely untrue. They can only see half the earth if it was round. But it is just a flat surface that appears to be concave but that is only because our eyes our concave as well. When viewing something that is that far away, your eyes shape plays a much bigger role in what things appear to be like. We would really appreciate it if we could be featured in the Gator Eye.

-Harrison Beck, Andrew Kelso


We confess that we remain unconvinced, but we’re happy to oblige by printing your letter, Harrison and Andrew. Thanks for getting in touch! Remember, if you have ideas you’d like to share with the Green Level Community, drop us a line. There’s a “Contact” link at the bottom of each page and you can review the publication policies for our Opinion Section under the “About” tab.