1.8 Million Year Old! Human Tooth Found in Georgia


L.Nair, Staff Writer

The Archaeological Institute of America states that a tooth that dates back around 1.8 million years ago, was discovered in Orozmani, located in the southern area of the country of Georgia. Similar skulls were also found twenty years ago in Dmanisi which is only twelve miles away from Orozmani!

These remains prove that ancient humans lived in this world much earlier than we ever thought, and it was outside of Africa too. This is an important discovery that could change our modern understanding of human history and where we came from.

Giorgi Bidzinashvili, head of Orozmani Expedition says, “Today we have witnessed a significant discovery, that is of world significance In Georgia’s Dmanisi Municipality Village of Kvemo Orozmani. This is a very important event because it means that 20 kilometers from Dmanisi, there is another archaeological site with traces of the oldest Euro Asian colonizers, It’s oldest inhabitants.” WION Edge