Endless Sports Impact on the Community


Riley and Ally teaching Graeme how to play lacrosse

Endless Sports is a community where volunteers coach people with special needs and teach them about the sport of lacrosse. Its mission is “to provide a fun & safe environment for members of the special needs community to experience the joy of the athletic activity.”

A few Green Level students volunteering at Endless Sports talked about their experiences.

Year-long volunteer Maddy Mansfield said, “I enjoy volunteering because I like making my community better through coaching the kids and teaching them lacrosse. ”

Returner Myles Berger said, “I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, so I joined endless because I enjoy coaching the game of lacrosse to the special needs community.”

Year-long volunteer Riley McElreath said, “I really like making relationships with different kinds of people there; every one walking through the door is different from each other, and that emphasizes that everyone’s different, but we can all be brought together through the sport.”

Endless Sports is a positive experience for the players and the volunteer coaches. With the beneficial effect it has on the community, Endless Sports is a great way to help others and make new friends. If you are interested in joining this great organization and have a chance to impact the community, click the link below.