Gator of the Week: Ethan Curran

S. Vargas, Asst. Student Life Section Editor, Staff Writer

Say hello to this week’s Gator of the Week, Ethan Curran, who did something special to stick out: Without being asked, he helped out with garbage in the lunchroom and reminded others to do the same. Ethan loves to draw and play video games, especially on his Nintendo switch. Ethan has an older brother, Conner, who is in college at UNC. Though Ethan misses his brother, he is learning to adapt. He loves his classes at Green Level and feels they are very cool and interesting. His favorite food is nachos.

Ethan was brought to our attention by Mr. Carrington, who really appreciated Ethan’s help in the cafeteria. Mr. Carrington told us “ I was very impressed by Ethan,” adding that,  “I think he’s a great pick for Gator of the Week.”

Ethan is also part of the theater class and his teacher, Mr. Olsen, had this to say about Ethan: “If there’s one person that just goes for it all the time and just commits to it its Ethan.”

Ethan is someone who has truly shown the greatness of this school as well as the possibilities of kindness.  If you see Ethan, say thank you because he truly deserves it for all his help!