Fall Fashion is In Full Swing

Collage and photos from K. Ford.

With fall starting on Thursday, September 22nd, many people are starting to get their fall closets out. Some popular styles this year are y2k, cozy layers, cargos, and more. I’ve interviewed a few students from Green Level High School, and these are their thoughts on fall fits.

Student Ava Harm spoke about her fall outfits. She claims she likes to shop at, “Lululemon, and then American Eagle… Pacsun, Shein… and I wear Converse for my shoes the whole time.” Then she spoke about the clothes she likes to wear during fall. “At the beginning of fall, when it’s still kind of warm out, I like to wear jean shorts and t-shirts. And then when it gets cold, I’ll wear cute flare leggings and a sweater.” 

Her fellow student, Gabby Ludford, agreed with the other fashion opinions. “I like to buy fall clothing at TJMax and boutiques. I usually like to wear sweaters and jeans, mainly flare jeans,” she says.

Ms. Nation also had a say on fall fits. “I like Jake Crew, Madewell, Theory, and I’m a sucker for the Instagram ads. Oh, and I like thrifting!” She also agrees with her students and says, “I’m a big fan of cashmere sweaters and jeans. Can’t go wrong with jeans.”

Many popular fall outfits this year seem to be sweaters with different kinds of jeans! See above for some of Green Level’s best fall fits of 2022.