Should Non-Green Level Students Be Allowed to Attend Homecoming?


Should students be allowed to attend other school’s homecomings?

Should non-Green Level students be allowed to homecoming? It’s a question other schools have faced. Some, such as Green Hope, have banned students who don’t attend the school from joining their homecoming for various reasons. One reason talked about was safety for the students who attend the school. 

Green Level’s stance on the subject is one supported by the students. The administration has chosen to allow non-Green Level students to attend homecoming this year after popular demand and requests from students. Tickets quickly sold and over 1000 students will attend the event on Saturday.

What are some opinions of Green Level students?

Sophomore Avery Phillips, when asked for her opinion about the topic, said, “If someone doesn’t have any friends and their only friends go to a different school then their only way to enjoy their homecoming experience would be through having their friends from another school.” 

Sophomore James Barber has a similar argument. “Many people are dating people at other schools and are unable to attend another school’s homecoming because of their rules, so to enjoy homecoming for some people, they need other friends and people they have strong relationships with to come to homecoming at Green Level,” he says.

Many other students answered similarly. The popular opinion at Green Level High School is that non-Green Level students should be able to attend this year’s homecoming. Homecoming is a time for fun and connection between students, so only allowing Green Level students to attend homecoming would limit students and reduce their overall enjoyment for this our school’s first celebration of the event.