Soccer Holds On to Crosstown Cup

Last night, the  Green Level Men’s Soccer Team dominated in their second Crosstown Cup matchup of the season. 

Earlier in the season, they faced off against the Imps and secured a long fought 3-2 win. Wednesday, October 5th, they once again didn’t allow the Imps to walk away with the trophy.

Overall, it was a very controversial game, with a numerous amount of fouls being called left and right, and arguably some that did go in the Gator’s favor. However, the Gator’s were able to secure the win despite the referee calls in question.

Men’s Soccer gathers around the trophy from their second Crosstown Cup win of the season.
twitter: @G_L_MSOCCER

Within the first fifteen minutes of the game, JR. Maxwell Shell served a corner that SR. Eric Sthole was able to get his head on and SR. Ethan Bachelor was able to finish, securing the first goal of the game.

At halftime, the Gators were up 1-0. The Gators dominated the majority of the second half, with exception to the long-range goal scored by the Imps close to the 20 minute mark. With the score leveling out to 1-1, it became an intense battle for the win. 

The Gators continued to move the ball throughout the middle and attacking third, however could not seem to find the back of the net. It wasn’t until the last eight minutes that SR. Max Willis was able to score a goal for the Gators, putting them up 2-1. Though it was nearing the end, the Gators continued to fight and were able to add another one to the scoreboard. In the last 17 seconds, Willis scored again with an assist from Bachelor.

It was an exciting last eight minutes for the Gators, as they were able to score not just 1, but 2 more goals, finishing out the game with a 3-1 win. 

After asking Willis how he felt after scoring two goals for the Gators, he said, 

“It was really good for me because for a while I didn’t score a lot and I was kind of in a drought but getting those 2 goals really gave confidence back and was really good for me.”

This past week they garnered two wins, improving their conference record to 5-3-1. The JV team also beat the Imps on Wednesday night with a 5-0 win, increasing their overall record to 12-2-2. 

“It’s the second cycle of conference play so we wanted to get off with a good start and we did against Friendship. We wanted to continue that so we came into the game with a mindset to win and I think the team was really together at that moment and we went out and we did our thing…especially in the second half, we finished the game off in a really positive manner”, Willis states.

Their next game will be at the swamp versus Middle Creek on Monday, October 10th. From the first round of conference games, the Gators allowed the Mustangs to walk away with the win. However, with the incredible strides that the Gators have been making we have full hope that they will continue to compete and confidently increase their win streak.