Trash Taste Concert Review

J. Zheng, Staff Writer

What Is Trash Taste?

Trash Taste is a podcast created by three anitubers (Anime Youtubers): Joey (TheAnimeMan), Garnt (Gigguk), and Connor (CDawgVA). They currently have 120 episodes that are around two hours to two and a half hours long and a few special episodes. The special episodes are unique because they aren’t sitting down in a room talking. They could be drifting, cycling across Japan, recreating Michelin Star meals, or making a PC.

The concert was held at Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts at 8:00 PM on October 10, 2022. At the concert, instead of them just talking, they decided to play games that included the crowd. There were a total of 3 games and each anituber took turns being the host for each game. 

By the time my brother and I arrived, they were already on stage, so we went to our seats. We were in the very back of the stadium but still able to see and watch. 

The First Game was called Parasocial relationships. The Host for this game was Joey. The competitor was the audience, Connor, and Garnt. There would be a question and whoever gets the same answer as the host Joey they get the point. Whoever believed they had the answer in the audience would raise their hand and someone would come to them and get their answer. One of the questions was “What is one thing you can’t live without.’ The audience, Connor, and Garnt answered Aki (Aki is Joey’s girlfriend). However, Joey answered anime crossed out and had a similar answer. 

Connor won with 2 points, the audience had 1 and Garnt had 0. Due to Garnt losing he had to spin the punishment wheel. His punishment was to sing America’s National Anthem. While Garnt was singing. Connor ran around with the American US Flag. The crowd got very hype and started singing as well. 

The Second game was called Trash Taste Vs. America. The host for this game was Connor. This time it was Joey and Garnt facing off against each other. There was a QR code that had questions that people from the crowd answered. The questions then reappeared on the screen and whoever guessed the most common answer got points. The points earned vary on the answers. The top answer got 5 points, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. One of the questions was “Name one thing America does better than anywhere else.” Garnt said freedom and Joey said guns.

Halfway through, there was a wildcard answer. The wildcard answer was never guessed correctly by Garnt or Joey. Garnt won with 24 points and Joey had 15. Due to Joey losing he had to spin the punishment wheel. It rolled on Banana, and everyone seemed confused until Joey walked backstage and came back with a banana suit on. Everyone was hyped and Joey started doing Fortnite dances. 

The Third game was called Trash Taste Court. The Host for this game was Garnt. In this game they pull a “hot take” they made on camera, it could have been Joey, Connor, or Garnt’s take and they have to defend it. The other person would argue against it. Each side has one minute to defend or argue against the take. At the end, the audience would cheer for whoever they thought had the better argument or take. Some of the hot takes said “food poisoning isn’t an illness”, “all bread tastes the same”, and “all chicken tastes the same”

For the first take “food poisoning isn’t an illness” said by Connor, he had to defend his own take. It was a good argument but just factually just wrong. Joey then slandered Connor in his argument and in the end, Joey won the debate. Garnt or Joey said Connor got food poisoning at the beginning of their tour which is quite hilarious. 

The next take was “all bread tastes the same,” said by Garnt, and now Joey had to defend it. Joey tried his best to defend the take even though he disagreed with it and Connor had an easy time arguing against it since he also disagreed with the take. Joey then made Garnt defend the take and after a little bit Garnt reluctantly agrees. The moment he starts talking, the crowd starts booing, not a single time did I hear his argument. In the end, Joey won–but the real loser was Garnt.

The next and final take was “all chicken tastes the same”. For this instead of the usual format, since Connor and Joey, both agree. Garnt decided to change things up and have them both argue for the take. The moment Connor started talking the whole crowd started booing and I once again couldn’t hear his argument. The same thing happens when it was Joey’s turn, however at one point he said “juicy thigh” and the whole crowd cheered but he ran out of time to defend his take. In the end, Joey won once again and Connor lost.

After losing he had to go in the back and wear a clown costume. After Connor wears the clown costume and they took a picture with the crowd that was the end of it. 


Final Thoughts

My brother thought it was fun and hilarious, and so did I, but it also felt surreal to see them on stage and I saw so many things I recognized: a shirt that had DemonDice written on it, an Ironmouse cosplay, and a really fun crowd. I was a bit concerned it would be them just talking and I was fine with that but they exceeded my expectations and did something I would never forget.