COMMITED: Jordynn Little to Randolph-Macon


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Jordynn Little commits to Randolph-Macon College

Jordynn Little has been a member of the Green Level Women’s Volleyball team since the school’s opening four years ago. Jordynn is a hard working player and great asset to the team. She has been playing volleyball for about seven years now and all of that hard work she has been putting in is really paying off. How so you may ask? Jordynn recently committed to play Division 3 volleyball at Randolph-Macon University! I got the wonderful chance to speak to Jordynn about her recent commitment:

What was your commitment process like?

“It was actually pretty long. It started about 2 years ago that I could actually talk with coaches. I would always send out these mass emails to all the coaches and I had a lot of phone calls. Then at the very very beginning it was around ninth grade when I really started to understand the process of talking with the coaches and that was really extensive. The last couple of months, I went on a lot of visits and that’s when I got more of a feel for the team and the coach and just the overall campus. At the very end, I saw this one school that I really wanted to go to.  I really loved the volleyball aspect, they are giving me a pretty good academic selection as well so it definitely helped.”

What are you most excited about playing volleyball at Randolph Macon?

“ Volleyball in college means a lot more freedom too, so I get to run my own schedules, I get to work out with the team while still having my own workspace.”

Was Randolph-Macon always your dream college to play volleyball at or were there other top ones?

“ In the beginning I always thought I wanted to go D1, I was talking with a couple D1’s like Rider and NJIT for a while but then after hearing the really long process they had and that it was mainly prioritizing volleyball, I didn’t want to do that. I want to become a doctor so that would be really difficult for my schedule. I would have to quit after like 2 years. I didn’t think that was the best option but I wanted to go to Randolph Macon because they have a really good volleyball program and academic program, especially medical.”

Congratulations Jordynn on your tremendous achievement and go Yellow Jackets!!