What to expect on your drivers license test


What do you need to know for your drivers liscense test?

What is something every teen worries about? Their license test. Due to COVID, some people have gotten out of doing their driver’s test, but it was reinstated on September 14th. Everyone wants to pass and finally get out on the road alone. Here are a couple of do´s and don´ts when it comes to passing your driver’s test. 


  • Listen to the instructor 
  • Stop at the stop sign before pulling up to see the blind spot
  • Know your hand signs for turning signals
  • Know how to do a 3-point turn
  • Yield to pedestrians and other cars
  • Know how to back up straight
  • Know how to start the car but not the engine
  • How to do a hard break 

Even if you do everything else correctly, you can still have an automatic fail from one serious mistake. So make sure you’re aware of what not to do so you can have a confident and mistake-free test.


  • Start the engine before putting on your seatbelt
  • Pull through your parking spot (crossing the white line in a parking lot means an automatic fail)
  • Rolling stops at stoplights 
  • Going anything above the speed limit
  • Be confused at a four-way stop
  • Failing to check mirrors when backing up 
  • Improper lane change 
  • Failing to turn on your signals during a 3-point turn 

These are a couple of dos and don’ts that can help lead you to a safe confident test. You can find more do´s and don’ts at driving.test.org and yogov.org.