Student Athlete of The Week: Aarna Prashanth


E. Stein, Staff Writer

The student-athlete of the week is a Junior tennis player and great student, Aarna Prashanth.

Aarna works hard in class to maintain her grades and out of class on the tennis court. She is going into regionals with her partner, Ariana Mohan, after a great regular season. I asked Aarna a few questions about this accomplishment and her tennis season.

How do you feel being named student-athlete of the week?

It’s really exciting, I feel honored because it’s been really exciting to be a part of athletics at school and its been a fun experience.

How do you manage to balance your school work with tennis?

I think the biggest thing is communicating with your teachers about how you can manage the two.

What were your goals for the regular season and did you meet them?

I think with a new team since a lot of our players graduated last year, it was really to push through and work our hardest and I think we did that and put our best foot forward.

What are your goals going into regionals?

I think we really have no expectations, but my partner Ariana and I want to have a lot of fun and get as far as we can.

Congratulations Aarna and good luck in regionals!