Checking in With the Gators


Canva Graphic by Avery Hoch

The days have flown by this first quarter of the school year. So much can happen in the first few months of high school: tests, quizzes, exams, sports, and stress. So what have the Green Level students been up to, and how are they feeling so far? I interviewed some 9th graders and one teacher, and this is what they had to say.

Anaya, ’26, says, “High school has been a bit hard. I have a bunch of missing assignments, and I am tired and sleep-deprived. I am stressed and frustrated because I cannot cope with all the homework we are getting. My least favorite thing about high school is the homework, and my favorite thing about high school is seeing my friends.”

Siri’ 26- “So far, I have gotten decent grades, but I feel there is much more to learn. I feel like I am doing okay, I may be a little stressed, but that’s it. My favorite things about high school are that you get a lot of freedom and independence.”

Ashwin’ 26- “I am maintaining my grades, having fun, and making new friends. My favorite thing about high school is probably lunchtime because we have a lot of freedom, and my least favorite thing about high school is the amount of transition time between classes.”

Mrs. Hurd’ 26- “I have been able to exhibit patience and have connected with kids, and we have gotten through two units. I have a toddler at home who doesn’t sleep through the night, so I am sleep-deprived and tired, but otherwise, pretty good. Some of the students’ behaviors are like immature middle schoolers, so that’s not a favorite. Other than that, my students are generally delightful, kind, creative, and interesting and my favorite.”

Ritigia’ 26- “I have average grades and feel like I can manage everything pretty well. Right now, I am tired, but in general, I feel pretty good. I am excited for the rest of this year because I applied for a sport and I will do tryouts and everything, so yeah. There is more work and studying in high school, but my favorite things are sports.”
Getting others’ perspectives on things so far is interesting because it helps me realize I am not alone in how I am feeling. I, too, have been very stressed due to the amount of homework I have been assigned, but thankfully, my teachers have been very supportive. I have also been exhausted because I have had to stay up late many nights to try and get my schoolwork completed. However, High school is nice due to my freedom and the number of people I have met. I am so excited to keep going and see what other new experiences I will have in my first year of high school.