Spooky Spots in the Triangle


There are plenty of haunted homes, creepy cemetaries, and similar attractions in NC.

As we get closer to Halloween, we wanted to take a dive into some spooky spots in the Triangle.

Spring Hill House:

Spring Hill House is home to the oldest marked grave in Wake County. It is located on the NC State Centennial Campus. The grave belongs to Theophilus Hunter, Sr. who left his land to his son when he died who built the Spring Hill House. Urban legend says that something always sets off the motion sensors in the house, especially on the stairs, but nothing is ever there. Some say it is the ghost Theophilus himself, taking visits to and from his nearby grave and the house.

The Pine State Creamery:

Even though this might seem surprising, Raleigh once had a serial killer in the 1990s. The killer left 6 women dead in the downtown area. A homeless man named John Williams Jr. was later charged with the murderers. For a long time, the restaurant Dos Taquitos Xoco in the Pine State Creamery claimed to be haunted by a ghost. They say the ghost is one of the women murdered, and that she died in the alleyway. People claim to have heard their names whispered and employees claim that glasses have moved by themselves and lights would randomly turn on and off when they were alone. The restaurant also even put up a sign on their front door warning customers of ‘paranormal experiences. The Dos Taquitos has now been replaced with Milk Bar, but we have to wonder, are the experiences still occurring even though a new business has moved in?

Spinning Angel of Oakwood Cemetery

In Raleigh is the grave of Etta Ratcliffe, and a statue of an angel stands on top of her gravestone and shares her face. Etta Ratflicfee died mysteriously at the age of 38 in 1918. The angel statue is known today as the “Spinning Angel of Oakwood” or the “Ratcliffe Angel.” An urban legend has been developed around the statue, most likely because the statue can appear very lifelike and can be seen from the main road. A legend claimed by locals says that her eyes follow you as you walk past. Others have claimed that her head spins around 12 times at midnight on Halloween. According to an interview, her family says they are pleased that their ancestor has become part of local culture. If you’re looking for a Halloween adventure, visit the statue in the Oakwood Cemetery at midnight, and see if the legend proves true!

Cabelands Cemetery

Cabeleands Cemetery is located in the middle of the woods along the Eno River. In the Cabelands section, hikers may spot some broken headstones and sunken graves of the Cabe family cemetery. Historians say the site has about 51 graves, but only 12 have official markers.  In this part of the park named the Cabelands, where the cemetery is located, hikers have reported hearing screams in the woods, whispering voices, and seeing shadow people in the trees.

Mordecai House:

The Mordecai House is the oldest house in Raleigh that still has its original foundation–it is even older than Raleigh itself. The historic home offers public tours during the day, but the spooky occurrences occur during the night. Workers and visitors report seeing a woman in 19th-century clothing wandering the halls and sometimes on the balcony late at night. People believe there are two ghosts, Margaret Mordecai and Mary Willis Mordecai Turk. Employees have also had some other mysterious experiences, they have heard the piano playing by itself with a gray mist-like substance over the keys.

N.C. State Capitol

The North Carolina Capitol is said to be the most haunted capital in America. A night guard reported seeing a Civil War soldier pacing around the building. Others have also reported hearing strange noises during the night. The library in the building is said to have the most paranormal activity, with people getting strange feelings when they are there. Ghost researchers say there is increased activity in the library.

The governor’s mansion is also haunted. It is said that the ghost of Daniel Fowle, a previous governor who died there, still haunts the mansion. After former governor Bob Scott moved the bed where Fowle died, tapping and knocking sounds have been heard in the walls. The bed was recently returned to the mansion, but some say the tapping has still continued, and others say it has stopped.

Carolina Inn

Some dead residents have been spotted at Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill. One of these is Dr. William Jacocks, who lived in the hotel from 1948-1965, until his death. He stayed in room 252, and residents have reported seeing footprints on the shower mat, being locked out, and seeing the curtains open and close. Employees have also reported him walking in the halls, and rattling door knobs looking for an open room. He was known as a kind and loving man. His spirit is kindhearted, and only wants to play harmless pranks on visitors. If you would like to see him, just check into his room, which is now room 256.