Record Breaking Stream Is Back


Twitch: Ludwig

Ludwig shared one final salute with his audience after streaming for a month.

J. Zheng, Staff Writer

Ludwig Announced on Twitter that he is going to do another subathon. 

Who is Ludwig?

Ludwig Ahgren is a live streamer, Youtuber, co-host of the Back Yard Podcast, esports commentator, and competitor. His main focus is now streaming and creating content, but he will sometimes host an esports tournament.

What is a Subathon?

A Subathon is a special stream Twitch streamers do. In a regular live stream, the streamer goes live and streams until they decide to call it a day and end their stream. However in a Subathon when a viewer subscribes to the steamer the time the streamer streams is extended. The live stream doesn’t end until the timer the streamer sets hits 0, but by views subscribing it adds a set amount of time. It can be 30 seconds or 15 seconds added to the timer. 

Previous Subathon

In March of 2021, Ludwig started his first subathon and streamed for over a month and became the most subscribed Twitch Streamer. After postponing a 24-hour live stream due to medical reasons, Ludwig decided to do a subathon. Most subathons lasted a day or longer but no longer than a week. No one could even predict how long it was going to last. Yeti, a subathon mod said this. “We kind of had our own predictions about what was gonna end up happening with the subathon because we thought that his whole theory that if he makes the time limit based off the most subs he’s ever had in one day that it will end in like 2 days, we thought that was ridiculous, We thought that he was gonna end up going like 4 days 5 days.” 

Ludwig decided to cap the stream length at 31 days and if he reached it, it would break Ninja’s record for the most subs on Twitch. “The 31-day cap is in place is not really a cap, it’s more so that I said multiple times if I hit 31 days I would break Ninja’s record for the most subs ever all time on Twitch.” – Ludwig. On April 13, 2021, Ludwig became the new record holder for most subs on Twitch. “We did it, we broke the record, this is us …this is your guy’s record,” Ludwig said.

Ludwigs subathon got over 282,000 subs, which is around 1.4 million dollars. He went out to donate $365,000 to various charities and gave his mods a large sum.

Ludwigs Subathon 2.0

Ludwig announced he will be doing a 2nd subathon but this time it is different.

It is going to be capped at 50 hours instead of being in his house. He will be trapped in a glass box in the middle of DreamHack Atlanta. DreamHack Atlanta is an event hosted by DreamHack where professional esports tournaments are held, cosplay championships, and other numerous activities. Ludwig also set up multiple milestones that have punishments that he will have to do when met. Ludwig is trying to raise $100,000 for two charities: Alveus Sanctuary and No Kid Hungry. It will be held from Nov 18 – Nov 20.

Even though this subathon isn’t like the first one, it is still worth subbing or donating due to it going to charities.