Band Visuals Shine At Middle Creek


S. Vargas

The Gators wait for their chance to perform.

Y. Rosa, Staff Writer

Saturday, October 5th the Green Level Marching Band had its second ever competition. They came off a good performance in their first one so they had a little bit of confidence. After playing and competing against other bands they ended first in their division.

Many different factors led to the band getting such good placement and having a better performance. Band member Brody Funk had this to say about their improvement: “We definitely did better than at the Panther Creek invitational.” Bandmates Gordon Castleberry and Adruja both praised the band’s visual performance, saying that “We did pretty good with our visuals especially our color guard who got first place.” Although they did well in some areas the band could still improve in other areas for next competitions. Adruja said, “ We could work on our showmanship,” and Castleberry added, “ In our percussion area especially we should look into Umesh to get our timing down.” 

Everyone seems to agree, however, that the band has proven their willingness to work together to get better and better. The Green Level band is definitely trending upward with their continued show of improvement.