Canvas or Google Classroom: The Truth Behind the Controversy

Canvas or Google Classroom: The Truth Behind the Controversy

When it comes to opinions at this school, usually there are a lot of different answers. But the votes aren’t even close when it comes to liking Canvas or Google Classroom more.

Google Classroom has been one of the main platforms that students and teachers have used for years past. It was the platform that saved schools during the pandemic and everyone seemed to love it. Students went into this school year thinking that they were going to be using Google Classroom but were shocked to find out that the majority of teachers are now using Canvas as their main platform for work.

There has always been controversy when it comes to what platform should schools use. After asking 100 students on their opinions on the two, 94% of students said that they liked Google Classroom and only 6% of students liked Canvas more.

The disparity between the two platforms is immense. (L. Eggers)

Students aren’t the only ones that like Google Classroom more though. Even teachers like it more. I got the chance to speak to Mr. Kesterson, about his opinion on Canvas. “I do not think it is very user-friendly, I think it could be a good tool but the lack of a friendly user interface causes problems with it. In order to upload an assignment it takes multiple steps whereas with Google Classroom you can do it in one. For every click, I did with Google Classroom it’s probably four to five with Canvas”.

Although some teachers like Google Classroom more, there are also some that actually prefer to use Canvas. Coach Green talked to me about why he actually prefers using Canvas for his classes over Google Classroom. “Wake County said teachers were going to be required to use Canvas and not be able to use the other platform (Google Classroom), so it took probably 5 or 6 years to actually go into effect. I believe that next year is going to be the first year that it is actually going into effect. I just figured why not do what Wake County is encouraging since that was that only platform that they said we were going to use.”

Students and Staff may like using Google Classroom more than Canvas but after years of telling schools Canvas is going to be the only platform used for schools but continuing to use other platforms (like Google Classroom), they are finally fulfilling their statement and making Canvas the only platform next year. It is time to sadly say goodbye to a platform that schools have used for years and say hello to the new platform that will run schools all over Wake County. Canvas.