Green Level Basketball Thus Far



Jacob Fedich, Staff Writer

Green Level Basketball is off to a great start this year with an overall record of 11-4.

Varsity boys 4-0, JV boys 3-1, Varsity girls 2-2, JV girls 2-1. All teams are heading into their first conference game on Friday 12/9 against the Cary Imps. Boys home and girls away. Green level basketball is in hopes of continuing to dominate the Crosstown Cup. 

The men’s varsity has been rolling through teams this year with an overall score of 235-137 across their 4 games played so far. Issac Ericksen averaged a promising 11.5 points per game and 2.5 blocks per game. Joey Pontier averaged 9.5 points per game and a very impressive 3.5 steals per game coming off the bench for the Gators. 

The JV men’s team has been a very exciting team to watch. They have a record of 3-1 with all of their wins being in nail-biting overtime games. With the game against Rolesville going into double OT on 11/29. The men’s JV is looking to have a promising season taking down the 5-0 Athens drive Jaguars on Tuesday of this week. The JV starting point guard, Eric Powell, averaging 20 points per game; adding a 30-point lead against Seaforth.

The varsity women’s team has a 2-2 record so far this year. Boston College Commit, Audrey Erickson, is dominating opponents this year. Audrey has 17.3 ppg, 10 RPG, 4 APG and 2.7 SPG. Freshman, Claire Barber, stepping into a big role this year as the third-leading scorer for the Gators.

The JV women’s basketball team is looking as dangerous as last year with a 2-1 record. The girls had a 26-point win against Athens on 12/6. Freshman Tanvi Bommareddy with a whopping 5.7 steals per game. She also has a complementing 9.7 ppg which leads the team so far. Sophomores, Chloe Rich and Abigail Blanton are the main leads this year for the girls. Chloe with 2.3 APG and Abigail with 2.7 APG.

The Gators are looking to have a promising season this year across the board. Make sure you come out to support your gators whenever possible. Especially for the next quad game at home vs Apex on 12/16 where you will see all of the Green Level basketball teams dominate the cougars.