The Menu: Movie Review


A scene from The Menu.

One of the most discussed movies nowadays is the new psychological thriller film, The Menu. This movie is about a high-end chef who invites select guests onto his private island for a meal that they will never forget. Starring the brilliant Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort in Harry Potter) as Chef Slowik, the main character is both compelling and scary in how he carries out his mission. Anya Taylor-Joy also stars with Nicholas Hoult as Margot and Tyler. Margot isn’t too interested in this chef, but Tyler is obsessed and is very excited to be served food from him. This already makes for a weird combination for a couple, but they are not the only ones.

All the other people who came to this island, including an actor, tech executives, and a food critic, are also unusual, bragging about how they scammed some other people. There is also an old couple who think that they recognize Margot from somewhere, but can’t exactly place where. The main plot points of the story are Chef Slowik’s meal and what follows, as well as the mystery that surrounds Margot. These make the movie worth watching, otherwise, it would just be a typical movie with revenge elements to it. Each character is given a good amount of screen time, enough to give them character development, the reason why they are on this island, and how they deal with Slowik’s murderous turn.

Speaking of Slowik, he is portrayed perfectly by the actor. He looks warm and welcoming at the beginning of the story and as the movie goes on, the actor manages to show how much of a cold psychopath he is. He also manages to show the ruthlessness of the chef and how he doesn’t feel sympathy for any of these people. There are a few elements that look borrowed from other movies, like the element of people on an island that reveal something new about themselves as the movie goes on. But, the set and tone of the film manages to convey the cold, chilling atmosphere that also reflects Slowik’s outlook on these people and how food can also be scary.

It’s driven to explain what and why Slowik is doing on the island. But, the most horrifying part is how Slowik doesn’t hold back from any of his victims. Some of their crimes are a little less than the others, but he doesn’t care. In the end, this film is a movie that will leave you waiting to see what happens at every twist and turn, and it is definitely worth watching as we head into the new year.