Green Level Athletes New Year’s Resolutions


SR. Kaylie Jadee (Left) and SR. Bella Ross (Right).

The start of the new year means there is also a start to new years resolutions. I went around Green Level asking different student-athletes what their resolutions are for 2023 trying to see how they want to try and challenge and better themselves throughout this new year.

With the first athlete I interviewed this year being track star Kaylie Jadee, I asked her what her resolutions are for the new year. “My new year’s resolutions are to qualify for states in the mile and the two mile and this year I want to prevent all injuries for the whole year and take better care of my body than last year”.

With the next athlete being SOPH. Quin Covington his words were “My new year’s resolutions this year would be to make first team all conference and it would be really cool to have the team qualifying for states this year.”

The last athlete I interviewed was NIU commit for gymnastics Bella Ross, ” This year my new year’s resolution as an athlete is to take care of my body better this year, especially heading into collegiate tournaments this year I want to be able to perform at my best and if I keep my body in the best shape possible I can find success.” 

So with the start of the new year, it is great to see the athletes of Green Level want to push themselves this year to the best of their ability and also keep themselves healthy.