Driving Electric: Hybrid vs. Electric Cars


Is your car gas or electricity powered? Image from Unsplash.

We either drive or ride in cars every day. We use them to transport us from one place to another. There are many different types of cars made to fit different needs. Hybrid and electric cars are two types of cars created to use electricity instead of fossil fuels.

What is the difference between hybrid and electric cars? It comes down to the way the car is powered. Hybrid cars are partially gas and partially electric. Electric cars run solely on electric energy.

One big reason electric cars were created was to limit the number of fossil fuels released by gas cars. Due to the maintenance requirements of both the internal combustion engine and the electric system, hybrid vehicles might cost more.

The initial cost of a hybrid is often cheaper the less it depends on electricity. A completely electric vehicle may cost more upfront, but because it has fewer moving components, it is less likely to break down.
Electric vehicle repair prices can be significant since electric vehicle components and labor is more expensive. Hybrid cars have an internal combustion engine that consumes gasoline. It produces gas or fossil fuel.

There are no emissions from electric vehicles’ tailpipes. The electricity used to charge your electric car can originate from power stations that burn coal, natural gas, or oil, so it might not be emitting fossil fuels directly, but there are emissions indirectly.

People drive long trips thinking that their hybrid cars are better than gas-powered cars, but they can do as much damage or more. Electric cars have heavy engines and can break down the roads. Also, when on long trips, hybrid cars switch from electricity to gas power so they are back to emitting fossil fuels. Some say that electric cars are more of a statement than do something and others argue the opposite.

A former Green Level student states, “I would choose hybrid cars rather than full electric because the charging stations aren’t fully normalized especially in rural areas. It would be easier to fill up with gas if you need.”

In the end, the type of car you choose depends on your needs. Do your research to make the right choice.