Miracle in Buffalo

C. LaBiche and A. Hryn

On January 2nd, 2023 there was a tragic incident following a routine tackle in a highly anticipated AFC matchup between the Bills and Bengals. In the 1st quarter on 2nd down, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow passed to Tee Higgins who caught the ball for the 1st down and was tackled by Damar Hamlin. Hamlin stood up after the hit but suddenly collapsed to the ground. The game was postponed and later canceled leaving fans and viewers shocked and concerned for Hamlin’s health as he was transferred to the UC Medical Center in critical condition. 5 days after being in the hospital it was announced that he could breathe on his own sending a shockwave of hope and gratitude to the world. He wrote to his teammates on a piece of paper asking “Did we win?”

Damar Hamlin tweets picture from hospital bed
Damar Hamlin’s Instagram post before Sunday night’s game against the Patriots wishing his team good luck.

Following this event, the Bills played the Patriots on Sunday, January 8th representing Damar Hamlin in every way possible, from the player’s jersey to the fan’s T-shirts. On the opening kick-off running back, Nyheim Hines received the kick and returned it all the way for a touchdown. Immediately after the stadium erupted in Damar Hamlin chants. Trailing by 3 in the 3rd quarter, Bills running back Nyheim Hines does it again off the Patriots kick-off erupting the stadium once again in love for Damar Hamlin. The team continued to push through the rest of the game and come out on top for the win. The Bills putting all their effort into this game for Damar paid off in an important victory over the Patriots.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen said this after Sunday night’s game, “It was just spiritual, this proves that gods real”

The good news about Hamlin, the win, and the way they won is a miracle. This really affected the people of Buffalo, New York and it’s a happy moment for the world. This really was a Miracle in Buffalo.