M3GAN Movie Review


Universal Pictures

M3GAN promotional image from Universal Pictures.

The movie that scary movie fans have been waiting for is finally out. M3GAN, released January 6, 2023, was directed by Gerard Johnstone and written by Akela Cooper. The actress Violet McGraw plays Katie, and a mixture of people play the Model 3 Generative Android, or for short M3GAN, pronounced Megan. Allison Williams plays Katie’s Aunt, Gemma. Amie Donald, Jenna Davis, and Kimberley Crossman all come together to bring the robot doll M3GAN to life.

After the death of her parents, Katie moves in with her aunt Gemma. Gemma is a roboticist who creates toys. Her latest invention is M3GAN, a robot doll so lifelike that it seems human. M3GAN is every child’s dream toy. It protects you, plays with you, teaches you, and is even part of the family. So, after Katie moves in, Gemma tests the M3GAN prototype with her, making Katie M3GAN’s primary user. M3GAN allows Katie to be happy for the first time after the death of her parents. Everything is going great… until it’s not. 

M3GAN was the first horror movie I have ever seen in theaters, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a classic creepy doll movie, but with a twist, as M3GAN is not only a doll but a robot. I love how this movie can be sketchy to watch. Every once in a while, you have to remind yourself that Megan isn’t really a human. Amie Donald plays the body of M3GAN, and Jenna Davis is the doll’s voice. Due to a human playing the doll, your brain keeps switching from thinking M3GAN is a human to thinking M3GAN is a robot, making the movie trippy. Amie Donald did an excellent job with the robotic motions of M3GAN and making her look very creepy. She especially did great on the iconic M3GAN dance scene.

M3GAN is rated PG-13, and I don’t think it is too scary or graphic, but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. If scary movies aren’t your thing, then I recommend staying away. If you want to get into horror movies like me, then I would definitely recommend starting with this movie. 

One of the cool things about this movie is the hidden lessons that it has. While entertaining, it also touches on the risk of what could happen in the future with technology and artificial intelligence. It is something to think about and be weary of because our technology is rapidly growing and improving. All in all, I enjoyed this movie. If this is your type of thing, then I think you would enjoy it as well. My friends and I went to see this together, and that is a memory I will never forget. I suggest bringing friends with you so that you have support and can all be scared together.