Buzzer Beater Launches Gators Even Farther Into Their Best Season Ever

Braden O’Donnell sunk a game-winner from behind the arc as the buzzer was going off to launch the Gators further into their best season yet. The Gators take the game 55-54 because of this shot. 

The game was close from start to finish, unlike against Panther Creek where we were in the lead throughout the entire game, this game was back and forth with both teams occasionally coming up on top. As the game was coming to an end the teams were within a few points of one another. 

With a few seconds left, Trey Manhertz had the ball on the Apex side of the court and made a pass to Braden O’Donnell who launched a shot, the buzzer going off as the ball was at the top of its arch, and everyone in the gym held their breath as the ball fell and as soon as it went in the Gators erupted from the bench and the stands. 

This win moved the Gators further into their best season yet with another win. Now with a record of 15-5, the Gators are second in the conference with an 8-2 conference record only second to Holy Springs. 

This is what Braden had to say about the game: 0121

What was going through your mind when you took the shot?

Just kind of like a prayer, “I hope that goes in, and if it doesn’t, oh well”

How did you feel after you made the shot?

I kind of just couldn’t believe it really went in, I was processing it, but it didn’t hit me until after.

The gators currently sitting at 15-5 overall and 8-2 in the conference only second in the conference to Holy Springs who are 10-0 in the conference and whom we suffered a 3-point loss against last week.