Gator Fest Needs You!

A. Rudolph, Student Life Section Editor, Staff Writer

From October 28 to November 1 Green Level High School will be having a week full of special events. The faculty of Green Level has decided to give us a chance to be able to show our school spirit in ways similar to the Homecoming festivities at the other local high schools. But what does Gator Fest have in store for us?

When I asked Mr. Fegley, Green Level Athletic Director, about what festivities Gator Fest had up its sleeve that the student body could get excited for, he told me that Gator Fest would have a spirit week (10/28-10/31) and a pep rally (10/31). Since most people enjoy them, those two events, in particular, are a great way to show school spirit. Gator Fest will also have Volleybros (10/30), an event that AD Fegeley is looking forward to because, “I’m excited to see the volleyball team get involved and seeing some boys get out there to play.” Even though we have a day off, there will be the white-out home football game against Panther Creek on Friday, which Fegley believes is important because many Gators either went to PC last year or would have gone to PC this year if Green Level hadn’t opened. Fegley thinks of this as a “mini rivalry.” The finishing touch of Gator Fest is going to be the post-game dance party on the field with music and concessions.

 Fegley also said that he was most excited for a good pep rally, “It’s fun to get the whole entire school inside the main gym. It’s really cool because most schools are too big to fit the entire student body there because there are too many people and the gym is too small. But for us, at least for this year and maybe next year, we will be able to fit every single person inside our gym.” This is a special occasion for Green Level, and as the first Gators of Green Level High School, we need to be there to show our school spirit and pride. 

But what do students think about Gator Fest? Green Level Freshman Laura Norman thinks that Gator Fest is a great idea, and is most excited for the football game and the Volleybros games. Sophomore Miles Brathwaite believes that Gator Fest is also a good idea but still misses homecoming. So he suggested for next year that the faculty would “put the homecoming dance inside of Gator Fest somehow.”

Gator Fest is going to be an amazing time for all Gators, and is making Green Level history! Green Level’s faculty actually created Gator Fest because of student demand, and we have a chance to show our appreciation for their consideration and hard work.  Until 2023, when we will have returning seniors, Gators will have to get creative in finding ways to celebrate our school during the fall–let’s start off strong. I hope to see everyone there!